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  • 11.27.2013

    Madonna posts her menorah

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    Madonna and Sean Making Headlines

     Good morning to you all.
    We begin with madonna. She and sean penn have reunited. They have remained friends.
    And this week, madonna joins sean in haiti to participate in his humanitarian relief project. He has been highly involved since the earthquake in 2010. And he invited madonna to lend a hand.
    She is joined by her son, rocco. She's been documents the visit on instagram. Nice to see them together for a great cause.
    And not forgetting. So many times after a disaster. They still need a lot of help.
    Sean penn moved down there for great periods of time. He has taken that bull by the horns. Also in "pop news" this morning, thanksgiving is tomorrow.
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    Madonna Posts new photos from Haiti today

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    On the way to school in the beautiful Ile a Vache. @officialtourismhaiti

    Rocco swaggin it with his homey's in Cite Soleil!

    The magical beauty of Ile a Vache ! Wow!

    A good souvenir from Cite de Solleil!

    Haitian girls have style!

    Haitian girls have style! Elle est belle!

    Madonna contributes song to Philippines fundraiser

    The recorded music industry is responding to the disastrous typhoon in the Philippines with a fundraising compilation which features the biggest names in the business.
    The Beatles, Bob Dylan, U2, Eminem, One Direction and Katy Perry are among the superstars who have contributed tracks for the relief album, all proceeds from which will be donated to Philippine Red Cross.
    All three major music companies are supporting the 39-track "Songs for the Philippines," which is available through iTunes' global network of digital stores at iTunes.com/Philippines.
    All the artists, record companies and music publishers working on the project have waived fees.
    As previously reported, users can go to the iTunes store to donate to the American Red Cross; funds raised will go to help the Asian nation, which has been devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. The death toll from the supertyphoon is currently at more than 5,200.
    'Songs For The Philippines' track listing:
    1.      The Beatles – "Across The Universe"
    2.      Bob Dylan – "Shelter From The Storm"
    3.      Michael Bublé – "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"
    4.      U2 – "In A Little While"
    5.      Bruno Mars – "Count On Me"
    6.      Beyoncé – "I Was Here"
    7.      Eminem – "Stan" (Live from BBC Radio 1)
    8.      Cher – "Sirens"
    9.      Adele – "Make You Feel My Love"
    10.   Katy Perry – "Unconditionally" (Johnson Somerset Remix)
    11.   One Direction – "Best Song Ever"
    12.   Fun. – "Carry On"
    13.   Lady Gaga – "Born This Way" (The Country Road version)
    14.   Justin Timberlake – "Mirrors"
    15.   Justin Bieber – "I Would"
    16.   Alicia Keys – "New Day"
    17.   Imagine Dragons – "30 Lives"
    18.   Madonna – "Like A Prayer"
    19.   P!nk – "Sober"
    20.   Kylie Minogue – "I Believe In You"
    21.   Enrique Iglesias – "Hero"
    22.   Red Hot Chili Peppers – "Factory Of Faith"
    23.   Linkin Park – "Roads Untraveled"
    24.   Kings Of Leon – "Use Somebody"
    25.   Muse – "Explorers"
    26.   Lorde – "The Love Club"
    27.   Josh Groban – "Brave"
    28.   Kelly Clarkson – "Stronger"
    29.   Paolo Nutini – "Simple Things"
    30.   Ellie Goulding – "I Know You Care"
    31.   James Blunt – "Carry You Home"
    32.   Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera – "Feel This Moment"
    33.   Earth, Wind & Fire – "Sign On"
    34.   Apl.De.App – "Going Out" feat Damian Leroy
    35.   Sara Bareilles – "Brave"
    36.   Jessica Sanchez – "Lead Me Home"
    37.   Lily Allen – "Smile"
    38.   The Fray – "Love Don't Die"
    39.   The Beatles – "Let It Be"

    source BILLBOARD magazine


    Madonna and Sean team up for Haiti

    posing with the pilot
    #mdna #seanpenn #haitirelief #freedomfighters 

    Madonna inside star magazine

    Dec 2, 2013 #madonnasworld #mdna #ciccone

    Madonna in Haiti with Sean penn and Rocco photo

    Mylène Farmer now on Tour wears similar outfit from Madonnas MDNA TOUR

    http://live-timeless2013.com/ <-- check her tour here
    no surprise that they are both designed by Jean Paul Gaultier

    Madonna is in Haiti with Sean Penn

    Sean Penn is in Haiti with ex-wife Madonna and her son Rocco! They have all come together to help raise awareness and support . MADONNA has been posting message on her Instagramhttp://web.stagram.com/n/madonna/, like this one, all day of photos shes taken in Haiti and thanking Sean Penn. Support Haiti


    source EXTRA

    Brahim Zaibat Loses to Alizee

    Dancing with the stars competition wrapped up in France and after 9 weeks of dancing Brahim loses and comes in second place. Usually this type of show is supposed to bring celebrities will little or no dance training whatsoever and then judge who improved the most overall. Alizée is a famous french singer and she took home the top prize. Congratulations' to Alizée!

    Madonna at Kabbalah Center on Saturday in NYC

    Devotee: Madonna, 55, was spotted arriving at a Kabbalah Center in New York on Saturday

    Devotee: Madonna, 55, was spotted arriving at a Kabbalah Center in New York on Saturday

    sporting a NYC necklace and a start of david


    Lola and Madonna visit University of Michigan

    Is Lourdes Leon planning to follow in her famous mom's footsteps?

    The word came late Wednesday afternoon that a "celebrity mom" wanted to visit the dance department building on the University of Michigan's central campus.

    "We were told that we could expect a visit from Madonna in about 15-20 minutes, and we were thrilled beyond belief," said Peter Sparling, the Thurnau Professor of Dance in the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance.

    Alas, Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes Leon, never made it to the dance department studios in the same Central Campus building where the Michigan-born pop star attended classes during a brief stint as a Wolverine following her graduation from Rochester Adams High School.

    Lourdes attends LaGuardia High School in New York City, the performing arts high school on which the 1980 "Fame" is based.

    Sparling had been gathered with about 15 dance students, as they posed for photos for an upcoming performance showcase. After about 90 minutes, word came that Madonna's visit to the dance studios had been aborted because word had leaked to the media that she was scouting the campus on a college visit with her daughter, Sparling said.

    "We missed our chance to see our distinguished alum," said Sparling. "Madonna, if you're out there, come to the Dance Building. Come to see us. We love you."

    Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg did not reply to an e-mail from the Free Press, and a staffer at the School of Music would neither confirm nor deny the visit. But Twitter was rife with people who said they spotted her in A2.



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    Madonna back in NYC

    Catching a flight back from l.a., madonna arrives home last night

    New polish bazaar cover out now


    Madonna Tops Worlds Highest Paid Musician in 2013

    source; FORBES.com

    Lady Gaga and Madonna have a superstar rivalry made in gossip-blog heaven. The former burst onto the scene five years ago with a provocative pop sensibility reminiscent of the latter's. Last year, Madonna accused Gaga of ripping off one of her songs; this year, the "Born This Way" singer insisted she doesn't want the Material Girl's throne.

    From an earnings perspective, however, there's no question over the winner of this battle's latest round. The honor goes to Madonna, who pulled in $125 million over the past year, making her the highest-paid musician in the world. The bulk of Madge's millions came from the tail end of her MDNA Tour, which grossed $305 million. She augments her income with heady merchandise sales at concerts, as well as her Material Girl clothing line and Truth or Dare fragrance.

    Gaga ranks second with $80 million; she grossed over $160 million on her latest tour before succumbing to a hip injury. Had she been able to finish, she would have likely topped $200 million. Her ARTPOP album was released after the end of our scoring period, but should give her a boost on next year's list. She could easily reach the No. 1 spot with a successful set of concerts, the main driver for most major artists' earnings.

    "With touring being the biggest revenue stream, if there's an opportunity for an artist to go out, if there's an opportunity for a promoter to curate a festival, people are doing it, said Kevin Liles, founder of KWL Enterprises and manager of artists including Big Sean, Trey Songz and Young Jeezy.

    A look at the rest of the list underscores the importance of live performances in today's music world. Bon Jovi ranks third with $79 million, most of it from the appropriately named Because We Can tour. Road warrior Toby Keith pulled in $65 million to land the No. 4 slot, while Coldplay parlayed seven-figure nightly grosses into a $64 million payday.

    Of course, product extensions can provide a major boost to an artist's bottom line as well, and few do it better than Keith. Country's cash king has his own record label, mescal line and restaurant chain; each outlet has its own stage.

    "The beauty is where it synergizes with my label," he explained to FORBES earlier this year. "I don't have to look for a place [for my acts] to play … they're in Toby's house. They're drinking Toby's liquor. That's Toby's act. And then we're moving to the next town."

    A few of the musicians on our list, however, generate nearly all their income to sources other than music sales, record labels and touring. Sean "Diddy" Combs, who ranks No. 11 with $50 million (making him hip-hop's highest-paid act), earns the bulk of his bucks from his wildly successful Ciroc vodka deal. His Revolt TV network, launched in October, should provide a big boost to future earnings.

    Diddy and fellow hip-hop moguls Jay Z (No. 18, $42 million) and Dr. Dre (No. 20, $40 million) are the genre's lone representatives, while Keith is one of four country acts—Taylor Swift (No. 7, $55 million), Kenny Chesney (No. 9, $53 million) and Tim McGraw (No. 24, $33 million). The rest of the list is made up of pop divas and arena rockers, with the exceptions of Tiësto (No. 25, $32 million) and Calvin Harris (No. 13, $46 million), the world's two highest-paid DJs.

    "The rise of dance music has been astronomical in the last three years and I happened to be in the right place at the right time," he told FORBES earlier this year.

    In order to form our list, we looked at income from June 1st, 2012 through June 1st, 2013, using data sources including Pollstar, the RIAA, Nielsen SoundScan, managers, lawyers and many of the artists themselves. We took into account concert ticket sales, royalties for recorded music and publishing, merchandise sales, endorsement deals and other business ventures.

    Our estimates reflect pretax income before deducting fees for agents, managers and lawyers; only living artists are eligible for the list.

    UK Daily Mail : Madonna looking incredibly youthful

    In Oscar Wilde's novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the chief protagonist sells his soul so he can remain eternally youthful and gorgeous

    Instead, a portrait in the attic carries the signs of the years for him; it's a fantastical (and allegorical) tale but looking at Madonna as she jetted out of LA on Monday, such witchery seems possible.

    The make-up free 55-year-old didn't look a day over 30 despite having shots taken at extremely close quarters while she dashed through the west coast airport.

    Tight, taut and incredibly even in tone; the superstar would be the envy of many younger woman looking this good on the trot.

    Madge, who sometimes gets it so, so wrong, was even rocking a black outfit that you'd expect to see on a much younger woman with aplomb.

    Brogues, black trousers, a cat T-shirt and a chic long jacket featuring zippers all worked well together.

    Antonio Sabato Jr. on dating Madonna

    SURE, you could date Madonna. At least, you could if you were a male model.

    Antonio Sabato Jr., the 41-year-old former model, soap star and celebrity playboy, is known as much for bedding Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and, yes, Madonna as his 1992-to-1995 role as Agent John "Jagger" Cates on "General Hospital."

    He's now the chief romance officer and celebrity wingman for international dating web site anastasiadate.com.

    His blog is titled Tips From a Celebrity Wingman and offers advice on how to make a move if you happen to find yourself brushing shoulders with starlets.

    While he continues to act (Sabato recently appeared on the television series Castle) and has recently given up his playboy lifestyle for his wife of one year, Cheryl Moana Marie, the actor was inspired to start his blog because he felt a lot of men were striking out.

    "I've been dating both Hollywood women and beautiful ladies around the world for years, so I knew if I was given a chance, I could really help [men] out," he says.

    That sounds great - until you realise that Antonio Sabato Jr. was a Calvin Klein model in 1996. That might give him an advantage over regular Joes.

    Sabato Jr counts Madonna among his former flames.

    Sabato Jr counts Madonna among his former flames. Source: Supplied

    He says when he met Madonna, whom he briefly dated, he was set up by mutual friends.

    "Can you imagine having a friend say they have someone they want you to meet, and it turns out to be Madonna?" he asks. "It wasn't that I met her at this posh venue that sealed the deal - it was confidence."

    (It might also have been his abs.)

    Sabato encourages men to remember the three Cs - that is, confidence, curiosity and courage - to go outside what they feel comfortable with.

    So what's a confident, courageous way to approach someone who, if not Madonna, seems a little out of reach?

    Some of Sabato's tips for men include:

    1. Get to know a woman through online conversations before meeting her. This helps weed out matches who are fundamentally wrong, and the anticipation does wonders for your mutual attraction.

    2. Date outside your comfort zone. Think past your city, town and country borders. The trend of international online dating has made meeting women from different cultures easier than it ever has been before.

    3. Know how to flirt in the modern, online dating age. For instance, begin with an assertive greeting - pick something like, "Hello there," rather than something cheesy like, "My heart skipped a beat just looking at your photos." 


    Madonna wins "Horn" Vogue Sampling lawsuit

    Listen to Love Break here, to hear the sample http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9irkIvpoI-A

    A lawsuit claiming that Madonna and producer Robert "Shep" Pettibone illegally sampled a tune on her 1990 international hit "Vogue" has been resolved with a ruling in favor of the defendants.

    The original lawsuit was filed in July by VMG Salsoul, the copyright owner of a 1976 composition called "Love Break." The plaintiff alleged that it was only through new technology that the "deliberately hidden" sampling had been detected.

    But a U.S. District Court judge in California has ruled on summary judgment that sampling of the Horn hit was "trivial," in that in could not be recognized.

    "Having listened to the sound recordings of Chicago Bus Stop, Love Break and Vogue, the Court finds that no reasonable audience would find the sampled portions qualitatively or quantitatively significant in relation to the infringing work, nor would they recognize the appropriation," the ruling reads. "The Court finds that any sampling of the Horn Hit was de minimis or trivial."

    The ruling had the potential of addressing a standard set in a 2006 case involving a N.W.A. rap song that sampled a Funkadelic riff. In that case, Bridgeport Music v. Dimension Films, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals wouldn't tolerate the sampling and looping of a two-second guitar chord. An appeals court wrote at the time, "Get a license or do not sample. We do not see this as stifling creativity in any significant way."

    In the present case, U.S. District Judge Beverly O'Connell somewhat sidestepped the issue of whether a very brief sample could ever amount to copyright infringement, declining to adopt any bright-line rule from a different circuit. The judge added that it wasn't appropriate to apply that case because there wasn't clarity as to whether there was copying or independent creation or, indeed any sampling at all.

    Here's the full ruling.

    Said attorney Richard Busch, who represented the defendants: "We are thrilled with the decision and believe it is absolutely the right result."

    Material Girl Rita Ora Rushed to hospital at MG Photoshoot

    Rita Ora had been spotted over the last two days shooting a campaign for Madonna's Material Girl clothing. (KDNPIX)

    Dr David Farcy MD- Chairman of Emergency dept @ Mount Sinai Hospital Miami confirmed: "Rita Ora was treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration at our hospital today. She was discharged and is fine."

    Miami Ocean rescue were called to the scene before Rita was carried to an ambulance (/KDNPIX)

    The 22-year-old star had been spotted striking a series of poses in the funky designs, when she was taken ill. A halt was called to the shoot and Rita was brought back to her trailer before Miami ocean rescue and beach patrol officers arrived on the scene, and it's thought she emerged after an hour inside the trailer.

    Rita Ora was reportedly rushed to her trailer before being put in an ambulance

    The blonde-beauty - who is currently dating DJ Calvin Harris - had been seen wearing a hat at one stage during the shoot to protect her from the sunshine but her health seemingly continued to deteriorate as she held on to a car to remain upright.


    Madonna photo exhibit in NYC MILK Studios

    Thanks to Chauncey for the pic from tonight launch party

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    Secret Project Press Release

    Thank you to Michele Ruiz


    Closer look inside Toronoto Gym


    SLIDESHOW: A tour of Madonna's new Toronto gym—which is full of close-ups photos of her face

    SLIDESHOW: Hard Candy Fitness

    Madonna, the original VMA shock performer, is still flexing her celebrity status. And her sinewed upper body. The superstar's latest venture is a chain of nightclub-like gyms, which recently opened its first North American location in the Aura condo building on Yonge Street. Alongside the usual cardio machines, studios and personal training spaces, Hard Candy Fitness boasts massive artworks of Madge's age-defying face and body, a juice bar with drinks named after her greatest hits and the occasional Madonna song blaring over the speakers. To, you know, get into the groove. Here, a tour of the high-end fitness club.

    See inside Madonna's gym »