Material Girl Rita Ora Rushed to hospital at MG Photoshoot

Rita Ora had been spotted over the last two days shooting a campaign for Madonna's Material Girl clothing. (KDNPIX)

Dr David Farcy MD- Chairman of Emergency dept @ Mount Sinai Hospital Miami confirmed: "Rita Ora was treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration at our hospital today. She was discharged and is fine."

Miami Ocean rescue were called to the scene before Rita was carried to an ambulance (/KDNPIX)

The 22-year-old star had been spotted striking a series of poses in the funky designs, when she was taken ill. A halt was called to the shoot and Rita was brought back to her trailer before Miami ocean rescue and beach patrol officers arrived on the scene, and it's thought she emerged after an hour inside the trailer.

Rita Ora was reportedly rushed to her trailer before being put in an ambulance

The blonde-beauty - who is currently dating DJ Calvin Harris - had been seen wearing a hat at one stage during the shoot to protect her from the sunshine but her health seemingly continued to deteriorate as she held on to a car to remain upright.