UK Daily Mail : Madonna looking incredibly youthful

In Oscar Wilde's novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the chief protagonist sells his soul so he can remain eternally youthful and gorgeous

Instead, a portrait in the attic carries the signs of the years for him; it's a fantastical (and allegorical) tale but looking at Madonna as she jetted out of LA on Monday, such witchery seems possible.

The make-up free 55-year-old didn't look a day over 30 despite having shots taken at extremely close quarters while she dashed through the west coast airport.

Tight, taut and incredibly even in tone; the superstar would be the envy of many younger woman looking this good on the trot.

Madge, who sometimes gets it so, so wrong, was even rocking a black outfit that you'd expect to see on a much younger woman with aplomb.

Brogues, black trousers, a cat T-shirt and a chic long jacket featuring zippers all worked well together.