Madonna goes on Instagram to apologize

I wish she would stand her ground but I guess too many people are ignorant and can't see the true intention of her words so she's really apologizing to the ignorance of society .

update: I'm happy to report, Madonna removed her apology . There's no need to pander to the haters . The use of #disnigga on a photo of her son Rocco, was not at all intended to be hateful or racist.
Those that were over-reacting and saying it's not appropriate; need to contact the HipHop community first and ask them to stop using it and who adapted it made it term of endearment before you can come at Madonna and tell her what she can and can't say. This is the biggest hypocrisy that I have ever seen and more evidence of the racist nature many still hold on to. They pretend that they are offended to launch an attack on an artist that they are jealous of because she is white. Being white, or black or yellow or red does not give you the right to take 'ownership' of words. Words are hurtful only in the context that you use them. In this context the word was not hurtful.

Don't hang your shit on Madonna.