Madonna at Amnesty International Concert Reviewed 2/5

Madonnasworld.com was invited to attend this concert.
Here was my take on the experience, by Jeannie Buxo

Amnesty International's Bringing Human Rights Home concert-  2/5/2013
@ Barclays Center
Madonnas Speech & introducing PUSSY RIOT
(Video below in HQ courtesy of Amnesty.org) Catch me at the end of the video !

I was lucky to attend this concert to witness Madonna give her most impassioned speech to date.  It was very moving and passionate as you'll see in just under 10 minutes Madonna read from her hand written speech that she had prepared. she just looked amazing, casual all in black, badass with her grillz on, a black cane and a 'comme de fuckdown' beanie that shes turning into a new trend', the energy she gave on that stage, just with her presence alone created electricity, as you can see in the arena. everyone got up and stayed up, I was trying hard not to shake and wanted to film it perfectly but then if I looked at the camera too long i'd miss seeing her on the stage lol, ,everyone showed her respect in that arena, they knew they were in front of greatness even if most of them weren't necessarily  'fans' they were still in awe. she kind of threw me off when she was saying can i get a 'hell yeah?' over and over instead of  'fuck yeah' like she normally would say on tour. she finally got back on track at the very end when she said, 'can i get a hell mutherfuckin' yeah?' lmao.

I commend Madonna’s courage for always sticking up to those without a voice. Change doesn't happen on its own, only when people rise up together and take a stand then there can be positive change and Pussy Riot are very fortunate to have Madonna to lead and support their cause. There were many people that spoke about their experiences and personal hells when their basic human rights were taken away from them unjustly at this concert.. It was very moving to see them in person tell their story . It’s hard to imagine what living hell people make other people go through. For example, there was a man that was put on death-row unjustly in Texas. He managed to get out of it many years later only because he became a lawyer in prison.  Susan Sarandon also spoke about how, in the world, they should do away with the death penalty; and the way they presented their case made absolute sense, sometimes I go back and forth on that issue but i totally side with removing it now because people can get their life back if a mistake was made in a conviction, also  we would be no different than a murderer if we murdered them. i always believe in my heart that no one has the right to take a life, regardless. sometimes though i thought why should a killer, a scum of the earth that was 100% guilty should be fed, clothed, watch tv, ,and work out, on our tax dollars ??, as well. The show def. made you think.

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