Last Nights Party : Madonna attends THE XX show at the Armory in NYC

Where: Park Avenue Armory
Who was there: Guests included Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, Jamie Smith, Jay Z, Beyonce, Madonna, Devonte Hynes, Samantha Urbani, Jessie Ware, Humberto Leon, Leandra Medine, Abie Cohen, Ethan Silverman, Molly Hawkins, Jamie Burke, and Sophie Auster.
Other details: On Saturday, The xx gave their final performance of their 10 day, 25 show run at the Park Avenue Armory, and enjoyed a special closing night party to celebrate. The band had played in a groundbreaking and critically acclaimed series of shows at the venue, allowing about 40 people per show in the large Drill Room, where a large visual installation was set up in the center. Over the course of the week, everyone from Harley Viera Newton to Kanye West attended the shows, with Madonna, Jay Z, and Beyonce at the final performance. Madonna stuck around afterwards at the after-party, joyously taking pictures in the large and elegant space with her children. After having drinks in the adjacent rooms where Blood Orange and Ethan Silverman took turns DJing, guests headed back into the drill room where they gathered around the performance area for more drinks and dancing. UK singer Jessie Ware was happy to be in town and work on her upcoming album, and was gleaming over Jamie xx's newest single "Sleep Sound," released just last week. Opening Ceremony and Kenzo's Humberto Leon spent the night hanging out with model Jamie Burke, Devonte Hynes, and the members of The xx, as expected of the eclectic tastemaker. The tall Oliver Sim was easy to spot in the crowd, and spent much of the night graciously accepting fans' photo requests with a big smile on his face. The night was a huge success, and capped off one of the most memorable events in New York in years. - source; guestofaguest.com