Madonna calls for Peace in the Middle east

No Separation! We all bleed the same color! #ceasefire #peaceinthemiddleeast #livingforlove

Madonna and Diplo teaming up again at the end of JULY

Meanwhile, Diplo recently revealed that he and Madonna are collaborating on her new album.

He said: ''We've written about seven songs now, and hopefully maybe four or five will make it to the album. I've done about three weeks with her, and we're gonna do some more projects at the end of July. She's just really cool. I think as far as artists reinventing themselves, she did it before anybody else. She kind of began that trend of actually coming back with a whole new look and style and sound and winning it and hitting the top of the charts. Those records are gonna be crazy-sounding. We really pushed the envelope with some of the stuff we were doing.''


Judge orders Madonna to speak about her ' Hard Candy' Involvement

When Madonna decided to name her fitness apparel and DVD line Hard Candy, we doubt she realized how much trouble a name would cause her.

 Beauty company Hard Candy is suing the “Material Girl” and her business partner for copyright infringement and unfair competition, claiming the Queen of Pop stole its name. In court documents filed earlier this month, the company stated that songstress refused to sit down for a deposition unless a judge ordered her to do so.

 In court documents obtained by Radar, a judge sided with the beauty company, stating, “prior to taking the deposition of Madonna Louise Ciccone, the plaintiff shall take the depositions of the three individuals who filed affidavits in this matter as to jurisdictional contacts with Florida to determine if those individuals have sufficient knowledge regarding jurisdictional matters . . .

“If the three individuals do not have sufficient knowledge as to jurisdictional matters, Ciccone may be subject to deposition,” the documents state.

Originally Madonna wanted this entire lawsuit thrown out. But now that the judge has ordered she speak about her involvement in her company’s business decisions, there will be a lot more to come.


Celebrate #madonnaday !

Get Ready for #MadonnaDay !
Madonna fans! On August 16th, we'll be celebrating The Queen of Pop's Birthday and we want for you all to join the party! 

Back in September 2013, Madonna launched her Art For Freedom platform for all of us to share our own definition of Freedom but also to encourage creative expression that brings awareness to human rights violations. With thousands of submissions, (including photos, videos, music and poetry) the project has grown into a strong online community fighting for the universal right to be free. 

Since the initiative is a cause close to Madonna's heart, we would like for you to wish her a Happy Birthday by adding your stone to the Freedom building! To do so, just visit artforfreedom.com before August 15 at 11am EST and submit a picture that illustrates your own vision of what our world should be all about if we all had the same rights and freedom to be who we are. The picture can be a portrait, a landscape, a selfie, or whatever you think it should be. Make sure to include a description and feel free to add your Birthday message for Madonna as part of it. 

On August 16th, we invite you to post your submitted picture to your favorite social network(s), using the #MadonnaDay and #ArtForFreedom hashtags for your friends, fellow Madonna fans, our girl herself and the whole world to see! Some of Madonna's favorite pics will be highlighted onartforfreedom.com and/or be mailed branded goodies :) 

Happiness, love, joy, peace, etc,.. Let's make your picture something that will bring a smile to Madonna's face and make her feel we are all one on her special day!

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ABEL KORZENIOWSKI collaborated with madonna on her new album

Check out this video below of Abel talking about working with her..he's worked with him before for the W.E. Soundtrack

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Nicole winhoffer on working with madonna and her " Be fit for love" project

Who would have thought that Ronald Dahl's book Matilda about a telekinetic child would have a lingering effect on a woman's life? Here was popular fitness expert and Madonna's personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer telling PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) how Dahl's book has inspired her, "I used to think I was Matilda when I was little. "I used to imagine that I can move things like on the walls, in the room, like transform my body and I could visualize my muscles and my skin. "I started dancing when I was seven and I visualized my body with music and it changed my entire life. "So that feeling, that endorphin rush when you're dancing was very addicting to me 'coz that's the only time in my life that I felt free. "Because being raised by a Filipino mother and a German father there are a lot of rules, a lot of rules." In this interview with PEP last July 22 at the One Life Studio in Makati City, the Filipino-German personal trainer explained her addiction to sweat, "When I don't work out I feel very sad so I have to do it every day."
ENTER MADONNA. Nicole started as a professional dancer whose big break came in 2008 when Madonna picked her to train the backup dancers for the pop star's planned Sticky and Sweet concert tour.

She narrated, "I was a professional dancer and I booked my first Broadway show at 17. "My mom allowed me to leave school early and I went to do three different shows and I left my last show because I got really bored. "I wasn't training anymore, I was doing the same show eight times a week. "So I went to athlete school in two years, I bartended. "I ate Subway sandwiches twice a day. I was broke, I had no money and it really changed my life. "I used to think that I would know the outcome of every situation so I just stopped and started exploring." Then came her saviour, "At that time, I met Madonna and she asked me to come with her to train her dancers for the Sticky and Sweet tour in 2009 and it just changed my life. "Then she asked me to train her full time and I said 'Okay.' "It's been five years and that's my story."

When asked what led Madonna to choose her, her reply was as mystifying as the reason, "That's something I haven't asked because she would want me to know the answers myself." AMAZING ADVENTURE. What was it like working with the Queen of Pop? "It was amazing!" Nicole bubbled. She described Madonna as a very hardworking woman and the best teacher she ever had, "She is the hardest working woman besides my mother that I've ever met. "She never missed a workout. "My experience with her has allowed me to search deeper into a conventional solution to tone all types of body. "She gave me the confidence to trust myself, and she really is fun. "We had a lot of fun together and she's the best teacher I've ever had. "I think the best adventure I've had with her was my first date with her. "I had no idea what I was doing. "I was just a dancer and I was so nervous and scared to train an amazing woman who's like a Greek statue. "And her energy was so powerful and that was quite an adventure. "Lots of tears, lots of crying but we travelled the world. "My favorite place in the world is Rio de Janeiro [Brazil] so we did a tour there two years ago, Paris… just everywhere.

BE FIT FOR LOVE. Nicole Winhoffer's current to-do is advocating a fitness workout called Be Fit for Love that empowers women. It is a trademarked, inventive workout method joining the meridians of the body, muscles and the mind. Nicole bantered, "I want women to feel empowered and sexy and, most importantly, to love themselves. "Be Fit for Love came about because us women want to look good for our significant others when we make love. "And we also want to love ourselves. "I believe that love fixes all problems and when women feel good they do good. "You know when you go to the spa or when you meet somebody or go out with your friends you just feel really good. "So this work out is all about positivity, sensuality, new music, pumping up your butt and having fun and everyone's gonna be sweating."

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Maripol on madonna

Madonna at studio 54, 1983
"About Madonna…one night, at the Roxy, Fab 5 Freddy was going to perform and he asked me to find some cute girls to join him. I spotted Madonna — I knew who she was. And, there's actually an interview in which Madonna says, 'I met this girl at the Roxy who asked me if I was wearing a nice bra because she wanted me to take my top off to dance on stage and I thought she was completely out of her mind.' That's how we struck a friendship; we were inseparable after that for quite a few years. She said that I covered her 'like a Christmas tree in jewelry,' for her first album, Madonna, and I created the outfit for and styled the Like a Virgin cover, shot by Steven Meisel. When I met her, I was already doing rubber bangles and crosses. It was natural that somebody like her came into my life: Her name is Madonna, we were raised Catholic, and we were both rebels. We just hit it off."


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check out chaz buzans' performance

Madonnas dancer, Chaz Buzan will be performing in nyc, on August 27th: Impressions V get tickets here http://www.symphonyspace.org/event/8546/Dance/impressions-v

New angle from MDNA TOUR shot in miami

by extreme JIBS

MDNA TOUR CLOSE UP CLIPS from MIAMI new! by madonnasworldcom


VMagazine Deluxe Edition out now!

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Our NYC Madonnathon in review by NEXT Magazine

We are proud to announce that our party was published NEXT magazine
Take a look at the article on their website here:
In the crowd at Rockbar NYC, a man wearing a Madonna “Truth or Dare” tee sipped his cocktail in the corner. He gazed at a music video montage of Madge, a smile across his face. As the DJ played a remixed track of “Turn Up The Radio” and as a boy in a “Vogue” cap struts, you can see him mouthing the lyrics: “There’s a glow of a distant light/Calling you to come outside/To feel the wind on your face and your skin./And it’s here I begin my story.” It’s in this quiet moment where you could feel the spirit of Madonna thick in the air.
Rockbar NYC hosted the Unapologetic Bitch Party, a Madonna-Thon presented by Madonnasworld.com. Jeannie Buxo, editor and founder of madonnasworld.com, organized the event. “I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. I love Madonna, and these parties have put me together with other fans,” she said. “I want to give them a night they will never forget.”
Usually, the Madonna-Thons are held surrounding an album/single release or special Madge event. Last night, however, was just a night to celebrate and have fun. For Buxo, there is no excuse needed to throw a Madonna party. “She’s a real Icon,” she said. “She tells me that anything is achievable. She came from nothing and now look at where she is. She tells me if there is something you believe in, go for it, no matter where you are in life.”
Madonna’s life of overcoming the odds was a common inspiration for the partygoers. One fan, Adi, runs a Madonna tattoo group. The Madonna tattoo on her forearm was inspired from one of Madonna’s 2010 photo shoots. “We’re very excited to hear news about the new album,” she said. “I love Madonna because she represents determination, domination, and girl power.”
Billy, another fan, was also excited for the new album. “I’m a huge fan because of her bravery. She does whatever she wants to do and never listens to the criticism,” he said.
Next to Billy was Joey, a fan who never misses a Madonna-Thon. He usually goes to them with a friend but went solo this time around. “The people and music here are awesome,” he said. “I love celebrating Madonna because she has a fire that doesn’t extinguish. She’s so passionate and gives everything.  I admire her tenacity.”
The night included all of Madonna’s hits and uncovered classics that may have not gotten major airplay. Based on the night’s eclectic crowd, it was apparent that Madonna’s reach is universal and that her music has impacted many.



Desperately seeking Susan coming out on blu-Ray !

U.S. distributors Kino Lorber have confirmed that they will release on Blu-ray director Susan Seidelman's comedy Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), starring Madonna, Rosanna Arquette, Aidan Quinn, Mark Blum, and John Turturro. The release will be available for purchase on October 14th.

Synopsis: Bored New Jersey housewife Roberta (Arquette) fills her days by reading the personal ads and following an ongoing romance between "Jim" (Robert Joy) and "Susan" (Madonna), a mysterious drifter who appears to lead the kind of free-spirited life about which Roberts can only dream. And dream she does, until the day she actually shows up at the couple's pre-arranged rendezvous in New York City...and after a bump on the head, a bout of amnesia turns Roberts into Susan and opens the door to intrigue, laughter and love.

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary by the Producers
  • Original and Alternate Endings
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

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Madonna shoots down HARD CANDY lawsuit

Madonnas lawyer has replied to the  case against Madonna regarding he HARD CANDY trademark infringement lawsuit and stated that the case against her should be dismissed because she did not do any business in Florida where the other 'Hard Candy' business is located and is registered.
 she also stated that she did not take part in any trademarking decisions, but solely on the creative decisions of the business,  therefore she should not be claimed in the lawsuit..
click here to read the documents

Madonna gossip

PRICEY .... Madonna is said to be very interested in buying the $50 million pad soon in Mallorca where Princess Diana used to vacation
Thanks to john pasc.

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Miley cyrus showing her Madonna love!

In her latest selfie , miley cyrus posts herself in bed with a madonna tee shirt!
You can show your love too, If you're in NYC on Sunday, July 20th, wear your favorite madonna tee and win a limited edition madonna prize! Show your love for the queen , and dance the night away at our MADONNA-THON at ROCKBAR, 185 Christopher street, fun begins at 8pm! For more info visit http://www.madonnathon.com Now


Deluxe v magazine is strictly digital

You don't have to go to any shop to purchase the deluxe edition of v magazine .
It will be available today for free to download from http://www.vmagazineshop.com

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V magazine deluxe edition is out now!

Featuring never before seen images of madonna and Katy perry!

Update Madonnathon NYC July 20th, 2014 at ROCKBAR, 8pm

Madonnathon NYC  July 20th, 2014
We are excited to announce a new time and location  for our  MADONNATHON NYC on JULY 20th.  It will be running from 8pm till 2 am and



185 Christopher st (between Washington and Weehawken)
New York, NY 10014
Phone: (212) 675-1864
Rockbar is easily accessible via public transportation:
A, C, E, F, B, D - West 4th St Station
1, 2 - Christopher St Station

M8 Crosstown Bus (via 9th St)

Path Train - Christopher St Station

Street Parking also available!
RSVP on Facebook now - 
Check madonnathon.com / Madonnasworld.com for more updates


Madonna causes a commotion at NY courthouse!

Who's that girl showing up for jury duty? Yep, it's Madonna.
After dodging a jury summons with a doctor's note on May 27, Madonna arrived at 60 Centre St. Monday morning with an entourage fit for a diva -- two male bodyguards and two female assistants.
But she was soon gone. While regular folks summoned to do their civic duty sat through hours of waiting, Madonna was sprung after an hour and a half.
She was about 30 minutes late for her 10 a.m. scheduled arrival time, which is an hour later than the 9 a.m. time regular prospective jurors are asked to arrive.
"I'm proud to do my job," she said, standing tall as she left the courthouse with a gaggle of handlers and security guards.
She didn't respond to questions about special treatment.

On her way out of the iconic building overlooking Foley Square, the Material Girl showed she could still turn heads.
"That's Madonna!" one star-struck onlooker said.
"She looks so thin, right?" another chimed in.
A group of fans stopped in their tracks to capture the pop icon's court cameo.
The Upper West Sider had been ushered into the first-floor clerk's office instead of the regular jury assembly room.

Madonna was not questioned for a panel.
A court official said the decision was made to let her go early because her presence was a distraction.
"We had ample jurors today and had we needed her, she would have been sent out on a panel," said New York State Unified Court System spokesman David Bookstaver. "We had sufficient jurors not to have created a further distraction for the courthouse."
"She got credit for her service and we're delighted she came," he added.
Madonna is off the hook for jury service in New York for six years.
she also playfully posted this image from the courthouse on instagram!

Madonna's lyrics to Messiah!

I am the promise
that you cannot Keep
Reep what you sow
find what you seek

I am the sorceress
down in the deep
I am the earth
under your feet

I am the moon with no light of my own

You are the sun guarding your throne

I heard the angels whisper to me look for the signs
he is the one

I'll light a candle here in the dark making my way
to your heart 


Diplo talks more about Madonna collaboration

Diplo: Madonna Asked for 'Craziest Record I Had' for New Album

"We've written about seven songs now, and hopefully maybe four or five will make it to the album," the super-producer/DJ said. "I've done about three weeks with her, and we’re gonna do some more projects at the end of July. She’s just really cool. I think as far as artists reinventing themselves, she did it before anybody else. She kind of began that trend of actually coming back with a whole new look and style and sound and winning it and hitting the top of the charts. Those records are gonna be crazy-sounding. We really pushed the envelope with some of the stuff we were doing."