Maripol on madonna

Madonna at studio 54, 1983
"About Madonna…one night, at the Roxy, Fab 5 Freddy was going to perform and he asked me to find some cute girls to join him. I spotted Madonna — I knew who she was. And, there's actually an interview in which Madonna says, 'I met this girl at the Roxy who asked me if I was wearing a nice bra because she wanted me to take my top off to dance on stage and I thought she was completely out of her mind.' That's how we struck a friendship; we were inseparable after that for quite a few years. She said that I covered her 'like a Christmas tree in jewelry,' for her first album, Madonna, and I created the outfit for and styled the Like a Virgin cover, shot by Steven Meisel. When I met her, I was already doing rubber bangles and crosses. It was natural that somebody like her came into my life: Her name is Madonna, we were raised Catholic, and we were both rebels. We just hit it off."