When madonna walked down St. Marks

(Photos: Daniel Root)

Before and after. 30 years ago, photographer Daniel root, has lived in the east village for over 30 years and has captured the gradual change of the neighborhood . He captured madonna shooting desperately seeking susan , on st marks!

"Though the East Village is undeniably a different neighborhood than it was three decades ago, some of Root's photographs show spots that have barely changed. One image depicts a youthful Madonna strolling down a very familiar stretch of St. Marks — which Root insisted was just as much a tourist trap back then as it is today. "I'm sure that I would get my head handed to me for saying some of these things," Root said. "But it even felt that way the first time I came down here. I'm 56 years old, I came down here when it was CBGBs, you know in the late '70s era, and St. Mark's had that feel then."

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