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Madonnas new tracks are "WICKED"

MNEK has described the new Madonna material as 'wicked', which is great news for everyone. 

The British singer-songwriter confirmed he'd been in the studio with the pop icon after rumours from Diplo were started in August of this year. The US superstar has been working with a variety of contemporary artists including Diplo and Disclosure on her new record, which is set for release in October 2015.

Speaking to Digital Spy MNEK said: "It's happened, obviously. I did meet Madonna and I did work with her. It was great and amazing." He went on to add, "The song sounds wicked - I'm really proud of it. Diplo's dope, Madonna's dope, her people are great and that side of things is working out great."

His next step is to "focus on my project now...I'm proud of the album and it's out next year - like, summer next year."

MNEK is nominated for Best Newcomer at the MOBO Awards 2014 alongside FKA Twigs, Little Simz, Kwabs and more.

source: gigwise.com

Madonna teases more clues on her Instagram

Showing off her pillow cases saying there's two sides to every story , and saying how she's working with nicki minaj all night!



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SPOTTED .... Madonna and Rihanna running into each other on Sunday night. The divas "smiled and laughed" as they chatted
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Madonna featured in new photo exhibit in NYC

The Beastie Boys, Madonna and Joe Strummer were not only the musical rebels of their time, but dear friends of photographer Josh Cheuse, as well.

In shooting these and many other famous faces, "my approach was to be kind to people, be real and just be honest," Cheuse says. "I got good stuff because these people became my friends and family, and I respected them and they kind of got that. It wasn't a paparazzi thing."

Music fans with a penchant for candid moments can catch a glimpse of Cheuse's more than 30 years of shooting artists in his new Grooving Years exhibit, opening Friday at New York's Morrison Hotel Gallery and running through Oct. 11. The show includes rarely displayed and never-before-seen photographs of famed performers ranging from Oasis and Run-DMC to Lady Gaga and MGMT.

Cheuse's photographic style comes from "perseverance, talent and luck," as gallery owner Peter Blachley puts it. The native New Yorker began his photography career when he was just 16 and used his high school's pay phone so he could call The Clash at Electric Ladyland Studios and ask to photograph them.Having grown up just a few blocks away from the Beastie Boys' Mike D, Cheuse struck up a friendship with him as a teen and watched as the band transitioned from its rock origins into a hip-hop group — fondly remembering the time they crashed on the floor of Rick Rubin's mom's house the night before a video shoot and she made them tuna sandwiches.

He also connected with other artists and bands at nightclubs throughout the city such as the now-shuttered Danceteria, where he shot and watched Madonna as she performed some of her earliest material.

"She was just the girl we used to dance with and hang out and smoke with," Cheuse says. "She was just kind of like a friend from the club, always very sweet. She said she was going to (become) the biggest female singer of all time — and she did."

So what is it about musicians that has entranced him all these years? For one, "it's fun to photograph people that look cool and dress well," Cheuse says. "Part of how they look expresses where they're coming from. It's interesting, and it creates good shapes and shadows."

Simply put, "it's something worth capturing."

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Madonnas latest selfie!

After a busy week in the studio Madonna posted this selfie on her Instagram account: '#sorrynotsorry #unapologeticbitch #livingforsleep'
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L'uomo vogue outtake


Madonna inside daily news today

Madonna Album Update: 2015 Release, But She's 'Having a Lot of Fun' With Diplo | Billboard


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Help launch Encyclopedia Madonnica Update!

My friend MATT RETTENMUND became an instant childhood hero of mine when I got my hands on his first published book titled "ENCYCLOPEDIA MADONNICA", back in 1995. I learned so much vital Madonna information that my Madonna loving heart desired. Even in the pre-internet days, we still managed to be on top of Madonnas career, thanks in part to Matt work! Now he's back and wants fans to get an update , since 20 years have passed, there's a whole lot more to say and add into the book of Madonna information! Help fund his project today, to help him get this project off the ground via his kickstarter page!
version 2.0, coming soon! April 2015.

Madonnas working with Andrew Swani Swanson

Hes a DJ and Producer and he posted these photos on his facebook;

She told me I would Die Another Day...

source; http://www.instawebgram.com/i/djembadjembaa

What happened inside Jeremy Scott's party (gossip)

REALLY?!?! Madonna had a fabulous diva moment at Jeremy Scott's Fashion Week party, insisting that a spotlight beaming down on her be switched off. Thr Queen of Pop objected to the beam in a VIP. Sources at the party said club management urgently tried to find a way to turn it off. One spy said, "Madonna didn't want it on her. Managers couldn't turn it off individually, so club owner stood on the banquette, unscrewed the bulb and presented it to Madonna as a gift from the opening." Madge was said to be in a "cranky" mood

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Madonna at Jeremy Scott's afterparty NYC fashion week

It's no surprise though that the Jeremy Scott party took the cake with the ultimate send off to NYFW that stretched well past 4 AM. The designer attracted his usual crowd of fashion freaks and club kids creating throngs of party goers outside of the recently opened Space Ibiza New York. Inside, the chaos continued, but the party seemed to have missed the mark on the celeb front. Miley Cyrus, who had attended the designer's show earlier in the day, was a no-show, leaving many disappointed and twerkless. This all changed when the Queen of Pop, Madonna, floated into the room, and joined Jeremy in the DJ booth. Madge later invited the trio of DJs, Diplo – Skrillex, and A-Trak – to join her on the 1&2s before exiting the venue to leave the work to the pros.

Read more at http://observer.com/2014/09/madonna-boom-theres-your-party-last-night-nyfw-day-8/

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VIDEO: Madonna partying it up with SRILLEX and DIPLO in NYC last night

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New material girl collection

That jumpsuit is very madonna ! #papadontpreach #imkeepinmybaby #mdna #madonna #sexy

Madonna says her album is not finished yet

Good things come to those who wait! I cannot serve a half Baked. Cake! #unapologeticbitch