madonna at the brit awards!


Are you game ? Madonna game night March 10th at Rockbar !

Celebrate Madonnas brand new album release REBEL HEART on Tuesday, March 10th for a special edition of game night ! Where re dedicate the entire evening, to Madonna !

Are you game ?

no cover !

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Buy living for love uk fans on feb 25th on iTunes show bbc we mean business


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Madonna to perform on Johnathan ross show in the UK

Jonathan Ross has discussed the upcoming special edition of The Jonathan Ross Show with Madonna.

The chat show host will interview the 'Living for Love' singer next month for the first time since 2003.

Ross praised Madonna on This Morning today (February 17), calling her an 'iconic' figure.

'I still think she's an incredible, entertaining brand and iconic figure,' he said. 'Really interesting woman, and a really talented woman.'

'Love her or hate her, you've got to admit that she has talent and has ability. [She's] a great live performer.'

'It's going to be really good to catch up again....I'm going to be allowed to talk about anything, which is really good.'

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New cover magazines in germany INTERVIEW

madonna reacts to the love shes getting from fans

OMG! Thanks you guys! I ❤️you! True ❤️#rebelhearts


Submit you complaint to bbc radio one

They have decided to not play madonna because they feel she's too old for their listening audience .
They won't even give their audience a chance to hear her amazing new song #livingforlove
Tell them how you feel about this sexiest and ageist radio station here:


Here is my letter to the #bbcradio1

Living for love video on sale at itunes now !

Living For Love by Madonna

Madonna confirms her appearance on the Jonathan Ross show

She posted it on her Instagram account

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Madonna wears a new sweater

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Mash up of living for love and like a prayer


Tell BBC1 Radio that boycotting madonna wont work

Madonnas music will always be heard! i'm gonna carry on..
join in on the discussion here;
Madonnas fans have stood up and taken to their facebook page to let BBC Radio 1 know, that they want to hear MADONNAs new single LIVING for LOVE


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Madonnathon NYC: Living for Love !Friday Feb 20th at Rockbar!


Madonna Rebel Heart Super Deluxe Album on CD, Vinyl and MP3


Madonna, Annie Lennox and 'Acting Your Age' | Keo Nozari

There's a reason the current crop of pop princesses (Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and even queen Beyoncé) all have made a point to pay respects: Madonna helped create the model of sustaining relevancy in a pop music career for over four decades. According to TiVO, Madonna's performance was the most-watched part of the entire Grammy night, and the day following the Grammys, three songs from her new album Rebel Heart hit the top three slots of the iTunes music chart, and her single "Living For Love" reemerged into the Top 40 after previously reaching the top in December. 

She -- more than 30 years after her debut single in 1982 -- remains the definition of relevant. Madonna opened her Grammy performance with a quote that highlights her career-long message: Be who you are, "someone unique and rare and fearless." And part of her enduring appeal is people like witnessing someone fearlessly (and rebelliously) doing something outside the standards of conventions and cultural expectations. Even if some are keen on slagging it off in the press and on social media. After all, those that dare go against convention are often the most maligned and criticized.


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It's about that time !

Madonna confirms tour

OH MADGE .... Madonna made headlines when flashing her butt on the red carpet on Sunday. WHY? She tells Ryan Seacrest, "I had an inspired, accidental wardrobe malfunction moment. For lack of a better phrase… it was just me having fun, being cheeky. No pun intended!" How about a tour ... Is it happening? "Yes, I'm going to tour. I'm a stage girl" ..................
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