Diplo on Working with Madonna INTERVIEW magazine

RUBIN: What was your collaboration with her like?

DIPLO: It's probably not news to you, but working with an established artist like that, I didn't expect a lot to come out of it. [Rubin laughs] I thought it'd be great to try, though. But then have you ever met Madonna before? Have you worked with her on stuff?

RUBIN: Yes, but never have worked with her.

DIPLO: The chemistry was just, like, awesome. Right from the beginning, she was like, "Let's do whatever you want to do." I had kind of a vision of how she can sound in 2015 and not be forced. And she went for it. I'm proud of the songs.

RUBIN: Give me an example of how a typical song would come about.

DIPLO: The first two days, I always have a hard time really finding my comfort level with the artist. Like, trying to find out how I can be myself and make them not feel weird and make them feel good. You know, better than being weird. [both laugh]

RUBIN: Yeah, yeah.

DIPLO: My favorite song on the record is the one featuring Nicki Minaj ["Bitch I'm Madonna"]. We were drinking at night—and I don't think Madonna really drinks—and she was like, "Play me just the craziest shit you have." It has, like, this Japanese pizzicato melody and a drop that's just insane, like, a little thing I chopped up. And she was into it. And then I put guitar over it because she likes to start in with guitar. I cut the guitars up. I did it, like, in the night. And then the other songs were, like I said, negotiating. And she's really hardheaded. [Rubin laughs] When I first came in there, she was down for whatever, but towards the middle, it became a lot more about what she wanted to do.

RUBIN: She showed her true colors. [laughs]

DIPLO: Yeah, but you know what? I wouldn't expect anything less. I like artists that have a strong opinion. At least, they have opinions. But with some older artists, they might have an opinion just to have it. I feel like that's an issue I've run into ...

RUBIN: We've experienced that one as well. [laughs] That one stinks.

DIPLO: That's the worst! And then they never want to switch it because they feel like it's a defeat in a way.

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